Testimonials 2023

Was referred to EasyDNA by a friend to test our twin girls on whether they were identical or not. Process was quick and efficient and easy to do at home. Steps were clear and straight forward to send back and we had results within 4 days of them receiving the test. Highly recommend EasyDNA for anyone looking for DNA testing.

Canada, 02 Sept 2023

Testimonials 2022

Without your help in identifying what my dog was allergic too, especially Blue Thomson with Sunflower Oil, he would of continued to suffer with hives, and sever rashes. The vet told me no more steroid shots. I know your tests are accurate as the food I was feeding changed their formula and started using sunflower oil. I immediately saw the return of hives. I would of never known this sever allergy. Thank you so much for making the test affordable. You saved me so much time and torment for my dog.

United States, 28th Feb 2022

Testimonials 2019

J'ai utilisé deux fois les kits de test ADN d'EasyDNA et je suis très satisfait de tous les aspects du service. Je recommanderai certainement à d'autres!

États-Unis d'Amérique, le 29 août 2019

Testimonials 2018

Malgré le jour de Thanksgiving du 8 octobre, la société a quand même réussi à donner les résultats plus tôt que promis. Je suis ravi d'avoir choisi EasyDNA!

Canada, 9 octobre 2018

Testimonials 2015

J'étais dans une situation difficile et il me fallait trouver un laboratoire pour effectuer un test de paternité. J'ai choisi EasyDNA et je ne le regrette pas ! Un service de haute qualité : des personnes à l'écoute, disponibles, gentilles et réactives. Contact par mail ou par téléphone. Les délais indiqués sont très fiables : j'ai reçu le kit en 2 jours ouvrés et les résultats en 4 jours ouvrés. C'est un nouveau départ grâce à EasyDNA. Merci ! Et je recommande fortement.

Belgique , le 15 Janvier 2015

j'ai rien a dire que c'est extra ordinaire votre travail

Belgique, le 19 Janvier 2015

Très bon service merci .

Belgique, le 21 Janvier 2015

Ho apprezzato molto la semplicità del processo e della comunicazione, nonché l'efficienza del servizio

Italie, Juillet 1 2015

Très satisfaite de la rapidité avec laquelle votre équipe a pris contact avec moi pour des précisions concernant le test.

Belgique, le 21 Juillet 2015

Très étonné de la présentation du résultat, je ne m'attendais pas aux comparaisons détaillées pour les allèles. Très agréablement surpris car je m'attendais à un document en anglais se résumant à: le père présumé est exclu ou ne l'est pas. De plus, je l'ai reçu en tout début d'après-midi et non en fin de journée et en cinq jours au lieu de sept, ce qui m'a évité un week-end d'attente supplémentaire et c'est important. Très bonne surprise également donc. Très bon service.

Belgique, le 22 Septembre 2015

Per il momento non ne abbiamo. Il sito è facilmente consultabile e la disponibilità telefonica, ottima

Italie, 21 Septembre 2015

Totalement satisfaite.

Belgique, le 14 Décembre 2015

Testimonials 2011

My customer service representative, Kristy White, was very helpful, informative and professional. She also displayed compassion and sensitivity dealing with an emotional situation such as this. I greatly appreciated her help and the speediness of our test results (4 days early). I would not hesitate to recommend your company to any acquaintances.


Canada 3 Mars 2011

Thank you so much for getting back to us in such a timely manner.  This takes off so much pressure and allows them to move on as a family.  Again thank you.


Canada, le 11 Mars 2011

I was very impressed with the whole process and glad to know there is something available at such a reasonable price for people to access.


Canada, le 11 Mars 2011

Thank-You for the mail,esp.early. I appreciate everything you have done to assist me in concluding this test. You have done more than I ever expected,bravo!! I will not try any further testing. I got the hair from my fathers wool hat. He hardly has hair at 93 !! Again, Thank-You for making the process easy..hence the name Easy Dna (no pun intended )

Please pass this message on to your supervisor-they should be reminded of your excellent customer service and your genuin concern for your clients. Again, BRAVO !!!


États Unis, le 26 Avril 2011

Thank you for your quick response and excellent service. It is appreciated Have a great week

Nouvelle-Zélande, le 26 Avril 2011

Thanks for excellent client service by your company

Haïti, le 29 Avril 2011

I just wanted to write you a note to tell you thank you for all of your patience, understanding and kindness..

  ...I was reading over the correspondence between us this past few months and I took note of how well you handled my repetitive questions, and rambling.   You handled them with professionalism and dignity.

I’m sure you have to deal with a lot of people on a daily basses with regard to this type of ‘sensitive’ matter. but I wanted to say thank you! You have been fantastic.  I honestly cant say thank you enough. for the time and care you took with me!

Canada, 13 Mai 2011

A life changing email for a group of people.

Thankyou so much.

Canada, 16 Mai 2011
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Thank you very much & keep up the good work!

Afrique du Sud, le 20 mai 2011

Thanks for your help I would just say please keep on doing your job, because as you say this is actually a peace of mind test.

Afrique du Sud, le 10 Juin 2011

Hi Team, A big thank you to everyone for doing the DNA test.  This has made my life an easier one and now I can make up time with my Dad now, that sounds so weird. All the best keep up the great work.

Nouvelle-Zélande, le 22 Juin 2011

Thank you easy dna for the excellent sercices provided. i can't even begin to describe how greate i am, the staff is very professional and they also do follow ups. as a person who works at client oriented industry i learnt a lot from the consultan who was always icontact with me, giving me all updated info, thank you.i sure will recomend easy dna to other people, ifact i'll be like a an ambassador.

Afrique du Sud, le 25 Juin 2011

I appreciate very much, excellent service.  Best Regards


Nouvelle-Zélande, le 21 Juillet 2011

Thank you for a fantastic service - results received way before time, and everyone we dealt with along the way was extremely helpful and efficient.

Afrique du Sud, le 23 Août 2011

I have been pleasantly surprised with the high standard of professionalism and prompt communication. My concerns seemed to be important and my case was dealt with sensitively. Even when I called the Auckland office, they were informatuve, friendly and re assured me (Was a difficult time for me).

easyDNA is one of the few customer focussed business' left. Kudos I would recommend your services to anyone needing them 🙂

Thank you very very much

Nouvelle-Zélande, 2 Septembre 2011

Your service is easy to access, you are expediant in processing requests and samples and dissemination of results is confidential and such results are distributed through means preferred by customers.

Afrique du Sud, 5 Septembre 2011

Testimonials 2010

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and prompt response.

L'Irlande, le 19 Janvier 2010

Its a relief and I'm so happy with your professional service your a credit to the industry.

L'Irlande, le 4 Février 2010

Thank you for your email. Thank your company for the services you have provided for me and our family! I can not sing your praises enough! What an excellent company to deal with! Thank you once again for emailing me so early and putting all our minds at rest!

Royaume-Uni, le 23 Février 2010

I would like to thank you for the manner in which you addressed my request and how easy the process was. Although confused by the initial results, Kathy and Andrew, the director, were very helpful in their response and the further testing that showed my fraternal twin and I were in fact born of the same father. Thanks again for the wonderful service I received.

États Unis, 9 Mars 2010

Thank  you guys, At last ......I am relieved now ! Now I can do everything for my kid without taking a second thought! Please keep up the good work! Cheers.

Afrique du Sud, le 18 Mars 2010

I thank you for your email, although it is not the result I wanted to hear I sincerely thank you for the certainty we now have.

Nouvelle-Zélande, le 7 mai 2010

Thank you for the results.  Even though we are very surprised by them and not what we expected, it's good to know the truth once and for all.

Canada, le 22 Juin 2010

EasyDNA, I just wanna say thank you for everything. Good job and God bless.

Nouvelle-Zélande, le 27 Août 2010
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Many thanks for all your help and support

Royaume-Uni, 3e Septembre 2010

Its been a little while since I received my DNA results, however, even though it wasn't the outcome I may of wanted, I'm very grateful for all the support via telephone and email. Many thanks for every thing and your company will be recommended to others.

Canada, le 16 Septembre 2010

Thank you very much.......you made my day and my year!

Canada, le 22 Septembre 2010

Many, many thanks for your assistance and high standards of professionalism and constant updates. You have helped us more than you will ever know!

Afrique du Sud, le 18 Octobre 2010

Thank you for the results. Delighted they were processed so quickly and that they are brothers.  That’s after years of wondering - this should have been done years ago.

L'Irlande, le 26 Octobre 2010

Thanks for the prompt response.

Afrique du Sud, le 1 er Décembre 2010

Dear easyDNA, I received the DNA result you posted to me and I have read and understand it. I thank your company very much for your quick response during the course of the test. Looking forward to do more business with you, thanks.

Afrique du Sud, 2e Décembre 2010

Testimonials 2009

I just want to Thank You! you have made this extremely hard and difficult situation very easy and uncomplicated. Thank you once again.

Nouvelle-Zélande, le 9 Juin 2009

Thank you so much for providing peace of mind for us.  We are overwhelmed and overjoyed at this news!  What a wonderful service you have provided to this family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Canada, le 15 Octobre 2009

Many thanks for you email.  I can confirm that I received the results of the DNA twin test and that I was very pleased with the service that you provided.

Royaume-Uni, le 11 Novembre 2009